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Katahdin Financial Group

Katahdin Financial Group



The Tobias family is an adventurous bunch. In 2012, Jay and his wife, Julie, took their three boys (then ages 14, 13 and 9) on an eight-month adventure across the American West. They knew that the education their kids would get while experiencing our country up close would far exceed what they could have received in any classroom.

Conventional? No. Rewarding? Beyond words.

Sure, they had a plan for their journey. But along the way, they found adventure, education and opportunities to volunteer in every town they visited. And in the end, they found a way to live their dream of raising a family and building a business in two states they loved: Maine and Oregon.

The family’s journey illustrates the belief on which Jay Tobias founded the Katahdin Financial Group:

“Whatever your dreams, there’s a way to create a financial plan that helps make them happen. Maybe you dream of adventure travel — or maybe your dreams are closer to home, like paying for your grandchildren’s college education. Katahdin Financial Group is here to help you make a plan to protect your wealth so you can pursue leading the life you want.”