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Monday Market Drama

| March 09, 2020

When negative events begin to lineup, the market will react in a more violent way. Today we had a 2000 point sell off in the DJIA. This was the result of the combination of fear regarding Coronavirus impact on the economy and the announced oil pricing war from Saudi Arabia. Global markets are off more than 7% today and the volatility does not look like it is dissipating any time soon. When we refer to volatility, it’s not always downward pressure. Last week was a great example of the chaos of near-term investment swings. The Dow had two separate days of 1000 point declines but posted positive returns for the week.

The attached article does a nice job of outlining the impact that the oil selloff and Coronavirus are having near-term. We plan to continue to pass along information more rapidly during the turbulent trading days we have experienced. In no way does the long-term management of a portfolio strategy change. As always, we will continue to look for tactical opportunities to add.

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