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Market Recap

| February 02, 2018

Finally, we are observing volatility in the market, something we have talked about and anticipated for quite some time. It is a natural part of the capital markets movement but hasn’t shown up for years. The reason behind this week’s weakness is a US economy that is adding more jobs than anticipated, along with wage pressure that has been absent for over a decade.

Why would the market move downward when this seems like good news to the overall health of the economy? If interest rates move at a faster pace upward than anticipated, it could lead to more Fed interest rate tightening leading to slower growth of the equity market. To put the pullback of this week in perspective, we are now at the same trading levels in the Dow and S&P 500 that we were on January 11th of this year… yes, only 3 weeks ago. Friday, the headlines read hyperbole of slide, plunge, violent and tanking but we are talking about a small move downward in the overall market.

We have been actively taking a more defensive posture over the last few months, and are positioned to take advantage of a further correction if we continue to see weakness. We have included a piece from LPL highlighting some of the amazing streaks that have taken place, listing a few of the reasons why we should anticipate a pickup in volatility, and explain how any possible weakness can provide investors with an opportunity in diversified portfolios. Click the link below to read the article from LPL research. 

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