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US Economic Growth

| April 30, 2024

Headlines have been sharing mixed news recently – some good, some bad, some that make you scratch your head. Our partners at Alliance Bernstein offer some insights to help navigate the landscape.

A few quick notes:

  • US economy is growing at a similar pace to long-term trends
  • The labor force continues to show resiliency – strong additional hiring and wage growth
  • Inflation is meaningfully down from recent highs, but is not yet at the Fed’s target
  • Interest rates remain elevated, though relief is potentially coming

Markets have been fueled by economic strength and the promise of upcoming rate cuts. In the interim, the noise of uncertainty has spurred an uptick of volatility. Election years tend to follow this pattern and we anticipate the market will continue its up and down trend until more information is known. The foundation is strong but the headlines challenge these norms.

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Alliance Bernstein Article : US Economic Growth Up, Fed Rate Cuts Coming Later