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What we do

The short version: We do everything you’d expect from a financial advisor … and we also do much more.

The expected: Comprehensive wealth management services

  • A financial plan that’s straightforward, easy to understand and highly personalized
  • A plan for retirement based on the goal of providing you with a predictable income
  • Tax planning that potentially minimizes your tax burden today and in retirement
  • Estate planning that helps your heirs pursue keeping more of the wealth you’ve accumulated
  • Contingency planning for unexpected expenses

The unexpected: Everything else

We’ve all heard other advisors talk about “your financial life” like it’s a separate entity from everything else in your world. It’s not — it’s simply your life.

We’re here to be a sounding board and offer advice on anything that has to do with your money, your goals, your plans, your dreams and the rest of your life.

We take a 360-degree view of your world and how all the parts fit together. The word “concierge” might be a little fancy to describe what we do, but that’s the idea. If you like sports analogies, you can think of us as the quarterback of your financial team.

We’re happy not only to refer you to other professionals we trust — for example, estate-planning attorneys, tax accountants, even mortgage lenders — but also to oversee the work they do for you.

And we’re here for anything else you need. From launching the business you’ve been thinking about for years to supporting you after the loss of your spouse, we’re in this together.

Our relationships span generations. While the initial ties may begin as financial advisor and customer, they inevitably deepen; our relationships with our customers are based on our genuine care for their well-being and that of their families.